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Having Fun With Trampolines

 A trampoline is essentially a gymnastic and recreational equipment made of a steel frame with a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched over it using coiled springs as anchors. The attached fabric or strong canvas sheet is used for tumbling. Innovative trampolines are made of dense net, stretched elastically on a frame of varied shapes. Durable materials like tarpaulin are often used as an alternative to nets.

Trampoline inherited its name from the Spanish “trampolín” meaning a diving board. Trampolines were first used by the Eskimos who used to toss one another up into the air on walrus skins. The first modern trampoline was built by Larry Griswold and George Nissen in 1934. They later established the Griswold-Nissen Trampoline and Tumbling Company in 1942 and began making trampolines commercially in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The United States Navy Flight School used trampolines in its training of pilots and navigators during World War II by allowing pilots to practice their orientation. Trampolines were also used in the space flight programme to help train astronauts in experiencing various body positions in flight.

Since the year 2000 trampolining was introduced to the Olympic Games as a competitive gymnastic sports. In competitive trampolining the user is allowed to bounce as high as ten metres.

Trampolines are of two types, recreational and competitive. Recreational trampolines are generally circular, octagonal or rectangular shaped, and the materials used such as the springs and the bed fabric are not as sturdy as that of competitive trampolines. On the other hand, competitive trampolines are made of stronger and less-elastic fabric, with the trampoline’s elasticity provided only by the springs. The frames of competitive trampolines are made of steel that can be folded up for easy transportation to competition venues.

Some of the popular and essential trampoline accessories include covers, safety nets, ladders, anchors, tents, trampoline bounce boards, trampoline enclosure locks and spring tools. Trampoline weather covers protect the frame pads, material and stitching on the mat of the trampoline against UV rays. Trampoline accessories such as nets, also known as trampoline enclosures, are constructed with zinc tubes and a tough polyethylene net to add extra safety to the trampoline. With the growing popularity of trampolining, more and more trampoline accessories are available at reasonable prices.

Trampolines can be used for entertainment. They are also used for diverse activities such as physical education, competitive gymnastics, diving training etc. In recent times, trampolining has become a popular sport among children, as they never seem to lose their enthusiasm for trampolining.

Why It is Crucial To Exercise Daily To Keep Your Mind And Body Fit

Do you exercise? If not, it is truly important for both your physical health and your mental health. Yes, even your brain benefits from regular exercise. This is only one of many reasons why exercise is so important.

Daily exercise is one of the largest contributors to a trim body. Exercise helps tone muscle and reduces unwanted body fat. By exercising, you burn off the foods you eat. As you increase your calorie intake, excess calories turn to fat. That fat sits on your body putting you at risk for a number of troublesome issues. Exercising helps burn additional calories, so the balance of what you eat and how much energy you expend is closer to a normal level.

Heart disease is the number one killer in today’s world. Risk factors for heart disease include family history, obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol, and drugs. Exercising can help keep the heart pumping normally and prevent obesity.

High cholesterol is another link to heart disease. Exercising can keep your triglyceride levels down. It also helps lower HDL levels. For this reason, this is additional proof that exercising helps keep you healthy.

Cancer is another deadly ailment. Some cancers are linked to being overweight. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and uterine cancer have all been proven to be more common in overweight people. By exercising to keep the weight down, you can possibly prevent yourself from developing cancer.

You hear a slew of information about the increase in Type II Diabetes. The majority of cases of Type II Diabetes are linked to obesity. By exercising, you can keep your weight down and prevent this disease.

High blood pressure is linked to both heart disease and strokes. Studies show that daily exercise for at least ten to twenty minutes can cause a sharp decrease in your blood pressure readings.

Stress can lower you immune system. Exercise helps ensure that the brain is producing ample levels of serotonin. By functioning with proper levels of serotonin, your body is able to fight off disease or feelings of danger properly. The same is true of the other endorphins. They can help keep you from slipping into depression or feeling blue. It takes no more than 15 minutes for the endorphin levels to increase.

People who are in shape and exercise regularly find that they have more energy, enjoy sex even more, and become less reserved around their partner. For this reason, exercise can even help revitalize a troubled marriage or relationship.

By feeling better physically, you will also find that emotionally you are much happier. You will no longer worry about your appearance to others. You will enjoy how you look in certain clothes. Overall, exercise is beneficial to both a body and mind!

Is Walking 30 Minutes a Day Enough

The benefits of regular exercise are well documented. According to the Surgeon General Executive Summary on Physical Activity and Health, higher levels of physical activity are linked to lower overall mortality rates, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, prevention or delay of high blood pressure with aging, decreased risk of colon cancer, lower risk of diabetes, lower risk of obesity, and improved mental health. Other benefits include better sleep, improved brain function and increased aerobic capacity.

Regular walking at just a moderate pace is a fabulous way to improve your fitness. It is cheap, convenient, low impact, not too difficult, and can easily be broken down into 2 or 3 sessions a day if you do not have time to get it in all at once. Is 30 minutes of walking a day at a moderate pace enough?

Walking by itself is obviously great exercise, and yes, 30 minutes a day is enough to provide significant health benefits. However, there may be a difference in health benefits depending upon how fit you are based on aerobic capacity. According to an article in the Sept-Oct 2006 issue of American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Journal written by David Swain, PhD., a professor of exercise physiology at Old Dominion University, most regular exercisers have a 30% reduction in coronary artery disease risk over sedentary people, but those with the highest aerobic capacity have more than double the protection against heart disease.

Aerobic capacity is boosted by increasing the intensity of some workouts. If you want to see continued improvement, then go ahead and gradually introduce something a little more intense just once or twice a week. A good way to start is to try adding several 1 minute jogs or a power-walking gait to your usual walk. Other options would be to find a hill to walk up or head to the gym for a short hard easy bike or stairmaster workout.

The idea is to elevate your heart rate to a level above what you are accustomed to for short periods of time with alternating recovery breaks. Chances are good you will begin seeing improvements after just a few of these higher intensity workouts.

You can gradually continue the progression by increasing the length of each quality interval until you are able to continually exercise at a higher intensity. Remember, you only need to do this once or twice a week to raise aerobic capacity.

Increasing exercise intensity is not recommended for everybody. For example, the presence of cardiovascular disease risk factors such as smoking, age over 40 years, diabetes, family history of early heart disease, high blood pressure, and abnormal blood lipids is a major concern.

If you have 2 or more of these risk factors there is a greater chance that you may already have some degree of coronary artery disease, and exercising harder puts you at much greater risk for cardiac problems. Perhaps you heard about the recent death that occurred during the Marine Corps Marathon.

Another concern would be exercise compliance. Not everyone enjoys higher intensity workouts, and if you hate what you are doing, the next thing you know is you’ll be looking for excuses to skip workouts.
If that is the case, you are better off keeping the pace slower and more comfortable.

A Treadmill Exercise Routine Provides Advantages for Your Health

Studies have shown that walking is the premiere exercise. It can be done by almost anyone at anytime. Walking on a regular basis helps one live longer and healthier.

There are many people who do not exercise simply because they don’t know what to do or exercise is inconvenient. A simple treadmill exercise routine is the answer for many people as it is convenient, readily can fit into one’s schedule, offers healthy benefits anc can be fun too. Taking control of the exercise is important for a good treadmill exercise routine.

Treadmill exercise routines provide the typical benefits of a cardio exercise. A person walking on a treadmill can strengthen the heart and improve their cardiovascular fitness. This will improve one’s blood circulation and maintain good heart blood pressure.

Of course using this exercise machine does not guarantee a longer live but the fitness benefits gained will provide a healthier and better overall quality of life. Additionally this exercise tends to play on a person’s genetic traits and in this respect may prolong a one’s life.

The use of a treadmill exercise routine does not take a great deal of time to provide beneficial results. Many people are able to do their routines over a lunch break. Experts can recommend a complete series of plans for routines to do on different days to keep your exercise from becoming too routine and mundane.

A typical routine usually provides a mix of hill climbs, long slow easy walks, brisk power walks, and speed intervals. One can also add unique strength moves and perhaps use hand weights to create a cumulative effect for overall fitness.

One idea for a treadmill exercise routine is to create a 3 month plan. During each week within this plan create different routines and goals for each week. If you are just starting week one might just be slower walks to get comfortable on the treadmill. Then for the next few weeks you might designate some days of the week as cardio days, some as strength days etc. Then craft a plan so that each Monday you will be doing a particular routine until you get everyday planned for you 3 months.

You will want to have some days for inclines and some for intervals. You may choose to have one day that has a little bit of each technique. Write your plan down and keep a journal of your progress. At the end of your 3 months, evaluate your treadmill exercise routine and use your notes to create a new plan or just tweak your existing plan for use for another 3 months.

While this is just an example to get you thinking, remember there are internet resources and books that detail additional ideas that you can use to create your own treadmill exercise routine.a

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